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Welcome To The Second Annual Bridal Alteration Symposium!

Hosted by The Anderson Academy

January 9th-15th, 2022

2022 Colorful Bride

Adding Color to Wedding Dresses, Materials, and Laces

The goal of this symposium is to educate our guests to the many techniques using dyes to add color to wedding dresses. Ombre and colored bridal gowns are very popular right now with colorful brides who want to make a bold statement.

Helping a bride who has a strong vision for her dress involving color can be a fun experience for a seamstress.  But there are some realities about the dyeing process and outcomes that need to be learned.  There is a certain amount of risk involved. Fabrics and laces on a wedding dress are going to take dye differently.  The color can turn out different than expected too. Brides need to be educated ahead of time about issues and be aware of the risks before deciding to go ahead with the dyeing process.

*** Attention ***

Before watching the videos in this symposium it is important for you to understand that the Anderson Alterations Academy, symposium sponsors, and guest panelists are not liable for your own dyeing experiences, damages, or results. Use this information at your own risk. I would not encourage dyeing expensive wedding dresses. Leave those to the experts. Dyeing wedding dresses can lead to many random or unexpected results. Different materials react to the dyes in different ways. This is part of the adventure, and also the risk of dyeing. The outcome is never certain. And again, anyone associated with the symposium can not be held liable for guest damages.

Thank you.

Master Classes
Dyeing a Bridal Gown Ombre Blues by Dee Dee Anderson
Dyeing pink tipped dress using paint brush technique by Dee Dee Anderson

Dyeing contrasting buttons to add style to a bridal gown by Dee Dee Anderson

Color matching white chiffon to an ivory dress for a bishop’s sleeve by Dee Dee Anderson

Hand Painted Lace by Adrienne Gonzales

Back To Black Dress by Adrienne Gonzales

Blackberry Dress by Adrienne Gonzales

Pink & Mint Hand Painted Lace by Adrienne Gonzales

How to tea dye by Diana Casey


Rit Dye's Color Formulas

All-Purpose and DyeMore shades are only the beginning. Mix them together and the color possibilities are endless.

Ecru Cushing Acid Dye

This is my favorite ecru dye used in the bishop sleeve matching video

Check Your Fabric Type

Check your garment’s care label to determine what type of fabric it is, as each takes the dye differently. Also, weigh your dress, as you’ll need that information later.

Fiber Reactive Dye

If your fabric has cellulose fibers, like those found in cotton, linen, or rayon, you’ll have the best luck with a fiber reactive dye.

Dharma Trading Co.
PRO Chemical & Dye


Acid Dye

 Materials like silk, wool, angora, and cashmere are made up of protein fibers, which will typically respond best to an  Acid Dye.

Dharma Trading Co.
Jacquard Acid dyes
PRO Chemical & Dye

Disperse Dye

For synthetic fibers and blends like polyester, nylon, acrylic, and acetate, many will react best with a disperse dye. 

Rit Dye
PRO Chemical & Dye



Recorded Live Zoom Webinars

Morning & Evening




 LIVE Zoom Webinar
featuring a panel of expert seamstresses to answer all your questions about adding color to wedding dresses.
Natalie Harris

Natalie Harris


Natalie is a bridal designer from rural Indiana. She prefers to color outside the lines by putting prints on wedding gowns, embroidering skulls into lace, and encouraging renegade brides to forego tradition for the sake of  itself in favor of hyper-personalizing.  “The gown you wear on your wedding day should be exactly the kind of craziness your spouse would expect from you.”

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Diana Casey

Diana Casey

Seamstress/Bridal Shop Owner

For nearly three decades, Diana Casey, The Sewing Lady has combined warm, Midwest hospitality with years of experience to provide each bride the exceptional customer service she  deserves. She is truly unlike any  other bridal salon in the Midwest. This has now led to sharing her talent with the  bridal industry, introducing her Bridal Industry Wholesale site on Facebook for bridal stores.

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Adrienne Gonzales

Adrienne Gonzales


Adrienne is a seamstress located in Arizona. She has experience in standard alterations, production sewing, pattern making & prototyping She’s currently focusing in bridal specializing in beadwork & design changes. She has a BSD Architecture & Environmental Design, ASU hands on apprenticeship in standard alterations and bridal 2 years.

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Heather Miller

Heather Miller

Seamstress/Shop Owner

Heather specializes in redesigning vintage/heirloom gowns. Heather Studied fashion design and garment construction for four years, and then dove head first into the bridal industry. Out of school she started work in an alterations room at a local bridal shop, absorbing even more knowledge of gown design and proper fit techniques.She opened a small business providing alterations and custom gowns in 2016.

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My Color Journey

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