High Demand for Bridal Alterations! Want to make a career out of your sewing skills? 

Anyone trying to create their own business should know the importance of finding their niche. Focusing on what they are good at, being the BEST at it and knowing WHO to do it for. 

The ability to sew is not a skill many young adults know how to do these days. There’s also not a lot of people moving into that line of work.

 With over 2 million weddings a year in the US (that breaks down to 6,200 weddings a day!) There is a huge demand for skilled experts for bridal alterations. 

Anderson’s Alteration Academy will not only teach you how to be a professional seamster, you will learn how to make a career out of bridal dress alterations. From the comfort of your own home!

Is sewing a dying art?

Sewing used to be a required course in school back in the 1970’s. But now, most people don’t know how to sew unless they have relatives who were avid sewers in the 80’s and 90’s to teach them. Also, there are many factors in how sewing can be good for your well being. 

Although sewing may be making a comeback, sadly, over 70% of young adults would not know how to sew a button back on their jacket if it happened to pop off. Some fashion designers don’t even know how to sew!

 The demand for a professional, skilled seamstress is at an all time high (especially for bridal alterations!) due to the fact that many bridal alteration seamsters/seamstresses  are retiring and every year less people are taking their place, yet the demand for the industry is actually increasing.

Bridal Alterations Experts Needed!

The bridal gown market is forecasted to reach about 43.5 billion dollars by year 2022. That’s just the dress.. That doesn’t include the wedding venue or the honeymoon! 

A wedding dress is the most important dress of a woman’s life. Whether the bride pays $500 for her dress or $5000 there will ALWAYS be alterations needed because each bride is beautiful and has their own unique style. 

Brides want someone they can trust. Altering a specific area or piece to the dress to show the bride off in the way they want requires a unique skill set.  The wedding dress fit should be worthy of a lifetime of memories from a single day!

How can Anderson Academy Help You?

Dee Dee Anderson has been in the bridal business for over 30 years. Brides have traveled from all over North America to her small town in Northern Utah to see her. She’s performed alterations for thousands of brides in a way that it looks like a natural extension of the original dress.

Whether you are a bridal shop owner, want to build your own business and clients, or want to land that job at some prestigious company. Anderson Alteration Academy can teach you how to stand out as an elite bridal alterations expert in a high demand bridal industry. 

 Learn how to become a master bridal alteration seamster and you will be able to choose your own pay, choose your own schedule AND work from home!