Level 1 Class


LEVEL 1 Class

Course Details~

Module 1-1: The Fitting

Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy will walk you through proper fitting etiquette. From greetings at the door to final goodbye and everything in between. She goes over appointments, pricing, and proper order of pinning. Also included in this module is a Fitting list sheet PDF for you to print off. This helps guide you through the pinning and fitting process.

Module 1-2: Shoulder Raise (Sleeveless)

Wedding dress shoulder raise on a sleeveless dress introduction. This bridal alteration introduction to giving a sleeveless dress a shoulder lift shows Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy demonstrating how she is going to shorten the shoulders of a sleeveless dress. Also, Dee Dee Anderson shows the introduction to raising the shoulder of a sweet wedding gown of alencon lace on an English netting strap. The Anderson Alterations Academy video highlights the bridal alteration fitting techniques used to shorten the strap of this lace wedding dress.

Module 1-3: Side Seams

Wedding dress alterations introduction of sides seams taken in on a lace dress. In this video, Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy introduces you to the fitting techniques used to take in the waist and side seams of a lace wedding gown. The lace will be removed from the side seams and interior boning will be removed to make the bridal alteration on this beautiful bridal gown. Then boning and lace will be replaced to finish the side seam alteration. Dee Dee will then demonstrate how to take the side seams out on a wedding dress.  This will give the bride more room if the dress is too small.

Module 1-4: True Story: Prom Dress Cut Too High

Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy tells the true story of when she accidentally cut a hem on a prom dress too high. Dee Dee relates how she was doing alterations late at night and measured down from the waist instead of up from the hemline. She cut into the skirt way high before realizing what she had done. This video tells how Dee Dee Anderson handled the situation and dealt with the client and her mother. It showcases life lessons she learned from her mistakes.

Module 1-5: Hems: Tulle, Folded, Rolled

Wedding dress alterations introduction for hemming a wedding gown. The bridal alterations covered in this video are folded hem, narrow serged rolled hem, and double seamed rolled hem. Beautifully finished hems are a sign of a professional bridal gown alteration seamster. Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy will show how to sew these hems perfectly. Doing a rolled hem and folded hem on the bias part of a wedding dress skirt can be tricky. The fabric tends to stretch on the bias, so the hem looks rippled and wavy. Dee Dee Anderson will teach you how to avoid those problems and end up with a crisp perfect rolled hem.

Module 1-6: True Story: Bustle Takes an Airplane Ride

Bustle takes Airplane ride. True Stories. In this video, Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy tells the true story of a bridal gown bustle that needed fixing the day before a wedding. The bride had flown in for a destination wedding and thought that her wedding dress had been ruined. The bridal shop claimed the airline must have ruined the dress. Dee Dee Anderson discovered that the bustle was a mess. She carefully repaired the train of the dress and the bride was able to wear it the next day to be married. Dee Dee Anderson explains how a bustle needs floats between the layers of the train to make a bustle invisible when it’s not being used.

Module 1-7: Bustles: French & New York

Bridal alterations introduction to bustles. Both the French and New York bustle are shown in this introduction. Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy shows a gorgeous wedding gown is fitted with a French bustle with interior ribbons. Three sets of different ribbons are used to tie up this wedding dress from the inside. Also, Dee Dee Anderson shows an amazing wedding dress train that incorporates a New York bustle. This bustle uses the original buttons that go down the back of the train. It also has a chain loop to hook over the button. The sides of this dress also have interior French bustles that use a clear button and chain loop.