Level 2 Class



Course Details ~

Module 2.1: Zipping Bride into her dress.

This module is all about getting a bride into her dress properly.  There is a real skill set that needs to be learned to do this properly.  Some fitting issues are completely solved by putting the bride in the dress correctly.  Dee Dee Anderson will demonstrate how to put a bride into a strapless, corset, and button and loop closure dress.  She will also explain “Pageant Pose” for zipping a bride into a dress with an invisible zipper.

Module 2.2: True Story: “Blazer Shoulders”.

Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy tells of an experience she had with a bride who needed alterations on a dress for a wedding in one week.  The bride was a size 2 and the dress was a size 14. After Dee Dee did the alterations, the bride was disappointed with the fit of the shoulders. This story tells about how Dee Dee fixed the problem and dealt with an incredibly stressed bride and mother of bride.  Dee Dee also shares lessons she learned from this very humbling experience.

Module 2.3: “I can’t move my arms” Rodeo Queen demonstration.

This Module is all about the dynamics of being able to raise and lower your arms in a bridal gown with sleeves.  The combination of a tight-fitting bodice and a sleeve on a wedding gown can cause a lot of arm motion confinement.  Dee Dee Anderson will explain why this happens and show the best solutions to this problem. The stunning rodeo queen is the perfect model for this demonstration.

Module 2.4: Raising the Shoulders on a Wedding Gown with Sleeves.

There are many different techniques used to raise the shoulders on a dress with sleeves.  A shoulder lift helps smooth out the top of the bodice and is a quite common bridal alteration. It is especially helpful for brides who have short torsos, who tend to have their dresses’ shoulders sitting up high above their own shoulders. Dee Dee Anderson of Andersons Alteration Academy demonstrates the different ways to raise the shoulder and which ways work best for different sleeves and the manufacturers’ original construction of the bridal gown.

Module 2.5: Neckline Hug and Pinch.

This Module explains the best way to refine a bridal gowns’ neckline to rest close to the skin with no gaping.  Two different techniques are used depending on the situation and location of the gaps.  Dee Dee Anderson will demonstrate the “hug” way of tightening up a neckline with hand sewing.  Then she will teach how to do the “pinch” way of refining and smoothing the neckline to sit beautifully on a brides’ collarbone.

Module 2.6: Sides In or Out through Zipper.

Sometimes, because of the way a dress is manufactured, or because of the way it fits a bride, the wedding dress needs to be let out or taken in through the zipper.  In this module, Dee Dee Anderson of the Anderson Alterations Academy teaches her students how to do these alterations.  When a bridal gown is too small for a client, occasionally, both the side seams and the zipper must be let out for the dress to fit the bride.  This demonstration shows how to get as much fabric as possible from the zipper to let it out.

Also, Dee Dee teaches how to take a dress in through the zipper.  Sometimes, when a dress that is heavily beaded or has lace on the side seams that should not be disturbed, the best option is to take the bridal gown in through the zipper. Learning this skill is valuable to a bridal alteration seamstress.

Module 2.7: Corset Back.

Inserting a corset back into a wedding dress will be explained and demonstrated in this module.  If a bridal gown is significantly undersized for a bride, a corset back is a good solution to the problem.  Other brides want them added simply because they like the look of a corset backed wedding dress. Dee Dee Anderson demonstrates how to add a corset kit into a dress and shares where to buy them online.

Module 2.8: True Story: “Trust your Pins”

In this module, Dee Dee relates her experience with hemming a dress to the pin measurement.  The length of the dress worries her, but she “trusts the pins” and hems it to the pin length.  After much stress and worry that Dee Dee will need to replace the dress, the problem is resolved. You will enjoy this True Story.

Module 2.9: Hems:  Internal Hems and Horsehair Braid.

Many bridal gowns have hems that have the lining attached to the outer layer of the dress.  These are called internal hems.  Dee Dee Anderson will show how to access the inside of these hems, and how to raise the hem as needed.  She will also demonstrate how to raise a horsehair braid hem.  Both of these hems are very common in wedding dress skirts.