Level 3 Class



Course Outline~

True story Dwarf Bride

Dee Dee Anderson relates the experience she had doing bridal alterations on the dress of a little people bride.  The bride had custom ordered her dress, but there were still a few bridal fitting issues.  What a delight she was to work with, and what a gorgeous dress to work on.

Scoliosis adjustments

This module will focus on bridal alterations for brides with scoliosis or other body issues that cause asymmetrical fitting issues.  Dee Dee explains how to best settle a wedding dress onto a body to help balance out asymetry.

Shorten Torso through Zipper

Brides come in all shapes and sizes. Some brides have noticeably short torsos.  This causes the zipper to bulge and ripple instead of laying flat against the spine.  In this module, Dee Dee Anderson of Anderson Alterations Academy will show how to shorten the torso and get a nice smooth fit on the back of the dress.

True Story “Cap the Sleeves”

This video tells the sad story of a time when Dee Dee Anderson misunderstood a mother of the brides request to “cap the sleeves”.  Learn how she handled this very tragic mistake and the way she fixed the sleeve with grace and compassion.

Hems: lace, heavily beaded, lengthening

In this module, you will learn how to hem a dress with a lace border.  This is a skill that needs to be taught to all bridal alteration seamsters.  Also taught in this module is hemming a heavily beaded skirt.  Again, a skill that needs to be taught to all wedding dress seamstresses.  And lastly, the Anderson Alterations Academy will teach Dee Dee’s technique for lengthening a hem. This is a real dilemma for tall brides who want a longer hem on their wedding dress.

True Story: Peonies

One of Dee Dee’s favorite flowers is the peony.  It is a very sentimental flower to her. Enjoy this video as she explains her passion for this wonderful flower.

Heavily beaded side seams

The academy teaches seamsters how to alter heavily beaded side seams.  Bridal gowns often have extremely heavily beaded bodices.  When the bodice needs to be taken in at the side seams, it can be a problem if a seamster does not know how to handle the beadwork.  Dee Dee Anderson will teach her students how to make this difficult adjustment.

Hiney Tuck

Some brides want their wedding dress to fit tightly through the lower hips and thigh.  If the dress does not already fit this way, or they want the fit to be a bit more “dramatic” through the hip and thigh area, a “hiney tuck” is needed.  This technique of taking in a bridal gown to fit in this way will be taught in this module.

Business Philosophy

This is the module where Dee Dee Anderson, founder of Anderson Alterations Academy explains her business values.  She shares examples from her 30 years of experience in the bridal industry. Her students will learn from her successes and failures.  Then her students will be tasked with the homework of coming up with their own personal business values.