Master Class – Mending English Netting


Materials Needed For Homework:

Wedding dress with netting damage on the bodice and matching lace.


Advance sewing skills. This will be a good introduction to free hand applique of lace.

Dee Dee Anderson will demonstrate how to mend holes in English netting.  These holes usually occur on “sample” wedding dresses in the bridal shop.  Clamps are used to fit the dress to each bride, and they can damage the English netting and lace on a sample bridal gown. Bridal shops need these dresses repaired.  Also, sometimes brides buy these sample dresses at a discount.  They also need the English netting replaced or mended. This module will teach you how to do this repair.


  • After your class you will get to schedule your exclusive 30 minute mentor session with Dee Dee and she will answer any questions on English netting repairs that you may have and how to use this skill to launch your bridal alterations career!