You have probably heard of life coaches, sports trainers, and mentors.  Usually, these titles are referring to helping us improve our physical strength, mental or emotional health or long term life goals.

The Anderson Alterations Academy teaches students the skills they need to become a top notch bridal alterations specialist.  But it’s a whole lot more than just an online video school to learn sewing skills. It’s a mentoring, coaching and training program all in one.  

This Academy is all about mentoring each student with one on one zoom time.  Dee Dee Anderson is each student’s personal mentor and encourages and makes suggestions for each project the student is working on. She helps talk them through the intimidating first attempts of working on a wedding dress.

Sometimes a student or graduate will have a dress or business situation come their way that is difficult.  They can schedule a zoom and discuss the fitting and construction issues with Dee Dee. She is always there to support her students and former students.

The Academy trains the students on how to do bridal alterations in a professional, high quality, and beautiful way. Helpful shortcuts and speed tips are shared. All students must practice skills until they feel confident doing each new task. Business ethics are also discussed. Homework and testing are also part of the program.  Students will learn all the skills necessary to become an amazing Bridal Alterations Specialist.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Your own personal Mentor.

Have a wonderful week.

Dee Dee Anderson