This academy is extremely specific to the study of bridal gown alterations.

Each level of the academy builds on the lessons learned in the previous level. When students graduate from all levels, the academy will have a graduate profile page on our website to market these graduates.

The academy also gives the graduate a gift Free marketing of their own business, or if they work for a bridal shop, free marketing for the shop. Dee Dee wants to do all she can to make each student successful. This free marketing will give the graduate a boost in their career.


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Level 1

Level one covers most all of the basics you will need to start a career as a bridal alterations seamstress.

The Fitting: I show you how to conduct a professional fitting session with a pdf fitting page included

Shoulder lift on a sleeveless dress: You will learn how to get inside a dress with a lining to raise the shoulder.  Also, I will teach you how to raise a lace shoulder with netting lining.


Spaghetti Straps shortened:  I will teach you how to shorten spaghetti straps internally inside the lining.

Side Seams in and out: This is so important to learn. I will guide you through the process of altering a dress in and out.

True Story Prom dress cut too high: This is a tragic story that will teach you how to deal with mistakes when they happen.

Folded Hem, Rolled hem, Rolled Double Seam Hem, Tulle Hem and Hem on Lining with Crinoline Layers: Learning these basic hem techniques will set you up for success as a seamstress.

True Story Bustle takes Airplane Ride: This adventure story shows what can go wrong with a bustle.

French and New York Bustles: You will learn the two basic bustles, over and under bustles.

Homework includes demonstrating all these skills, and visits to local bridal shops.

Level 2

Level 2 of the Anderson Academy covers more advanced skills and build on the skills learned in Level 1.

Zipping Bride into Dress correctly: Sometimes alterations can be completely avoided if the bride is properly zipped into her gown.  You will learn the dynamics of boning, and also how to weave a corset back and do a button and loop back dress. Also demonstrated is “pageant pose” which is useful when zipping up a dress with an invisible zipper.

True Stories Blazer Shoulders: Ugg, this true story showcases humility and grit. I learned a lot from this experience and I’m a much better seamstress for having gone through this awful experience.


Shoulder Lift with Sleeve: There are many different ways to raise a shoulder with a sleeve. Which technique to use and how to do it will be taught.

Neckline Hug and Lace Pinches: You will learn how to refine the neckline of a wedding dress.

Sides In or Out through Zipper:  I will teach you how to alter a dress through the zipper.  I will also discuss why you would want to use this skill depending on the type of dress you are altering.

Add Corset: All my students in level 2 need to know how to add a corset kit to the back of a dress.

True Stories Trust your Pins: This experience taught me to trust my pins and make clear notations on my alterations sheet.

Internal or Bagged Hem and Horsehair Braid Hem: These hems are important to learn and are a bit more advanced than the level 1 hems.

Homework will cover demonstrating all these skills, exploring different career options, and visits to local bridal shops.

Level 3

Level 3 is very advanced.  When you graduate from this course, you will be ready to handle most anything that comes your way.  It builds on the skills learned in level 1 and 2.

Scoliosis: You will learn how to adjust a dress to accommodate asymmetrical bodies.

Shorten Torso through Zipper: Some brides have short torsos, and you will learn how to adjust the bodice to settle the dress down on her body correctly.


True Story Cap the Sleeves: Oh my, this experience taught me so much about communicating.

Lace Hem: I will teach you how to properly hem a lace dress, so it looks just like the manufacturers did it.

Beaded Hem: In this class you will learn how to professionally hem a beaded dress.

Lengthening Hem: This is an important skill to learn, you’ll be glad learn this.

True Stories Peonies: I love peonies and grow them around my home. This is my favorite true story.

Beaded Side Seam: Learn how to take in side seams on a heavily beaded dress without damaging the fabric.

Hiney Tuck: You will be taught the proper way to alter a dress to accent the shape of the hiney.

Dee Dee Anderson’s Business Philosophy: I will present my own personal business values.

Level 3 homework will cover demonstrating all these skills, plus writing out your own business philosophy and Academy Graduate Profile Page.