Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? I’ve shared some of the most frequently asked questions to help you out!

I’m not sure I have all the prerequisites?

Contact the Academy and see if Dee Dee feels you will be able to be successful.

This is an advanced academy and she wants all students to succeed.

I only want to take Level 3. Can I do that?

Yes! The skills in each level build on each other however some students may only need a certain level of skills to learn or advance their career. In order to graduate from the Anderson Alteration Academy and be known as a master seamstress, the school needs to know you have all the skills required for this title and requires all three levels. The school’s reputation is built on the quality, knowledge, and skills of its graduates.

What are graduation requirements?

Each level in the Academy has homework assignments, face time with Dee Dee Anderson, and testing. Testing is not available to students until they have passed off all the homework for that Level. After passing the test, students will graduate from that level and receive a diploma for that level. After students have passed Level 3, they are considered a Master Seamster of Bridal Alterations. Level 3 is very advanced and those seamsters will have worked hard. They will be highly sought after in the bridal industry.

What are the advantages of graduating from Level 3?

Graduates of Level 3 will have a Profile page on the Academy website. They will also receive as a graduation gift from the Academy 1 month of free online marketing in their local area to brides and bridal shops that will showcase their skills in bridal alterations. If a bridal shop has sponsored and paid tuition for a student, the bridal shop will receive 1 month free online marketing also.

What supplies and equipment will I need?

A very dependable sewing machine, preferably an industrial machine, serger that can do a rolled hem, ironing board, and iron. Good scissors are a must. You will also need a clean area to sew. Some homework will require dresses. You can get these from your own closet, a friend, a goodwill store, or a bridal shop that is willing to work with you. Other homework will require small yardages of specific fabrics.

    What are the prerequisites for Level 1?

    You should have experience sewing: Princess seamed bodice with lining, Lap and invisible zippers, Boning in seams, Lace, satin, and organza. Personal Skills needed to develop: Time management, Good communication skills, Patience with self and clients.

    How much time will these classes take?

    This is a “go at your own pace” school. It should take, on average, about 3 months to finish each level. But Dee Dee is much more concerned about the knowledge, skill, and confidence of her students in doing their work than she is concerned about speed. Getting the most out of these classes is what is important. Speed comes with practice, repetition, and experience.

    Students have 1 year to finish a level of classwork. This can be extended for special circumstances if the academy is contacted. Otherwise, the student account will be closed. After graduating, students have a lifetime account with the academy where they can use the website for review, networking with other graduates, and see new videos posted and further training events only available to academy students and graduates.

    Do you offer refunds?

    We do offer refunds within the first 30 days on certain conditions.

    There is so much value in graduating. These values not only include having highly sought after skills, but also free marketing to your local area to help ensure your success as soon as possible after you complete the courses. There is such a demand for this that we priced these courses in such a way that you can see a return on your investment within a few weeks.

    We understand that some emergencies may come up or that you were not able to fulfill the prerequisites. If so, you will need to contact billing@theandersonacademy.com directly and let us know the circumstances.

    You may also learn more about our refunds by reading our Term and Conditions.