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An ebook about what it takes to be a Bridal Alterations Specialist. Learn the skills and knowledge you need in order to start a successful career in bridal alterations. Dee Dee Anderson explains the business of bridal alterations with anecdotes and helpful knowledge.

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Meet Your Mentor!

I have been in the Bridal dress business for over 30 years.  Altering wedding dresses takes special skills and knowledge. The wedding dress fit should be worthy of a lifetime of memories from a single day. 

Mentored by many wonderful bridal shops, I performed alterations for thousands of brides.  I make sure all bridal dress alterations look like a natural extension of the original dress.

I love love LOVE gorgeous laces, soft silks, and crispy taffetas.  When I walk into my sewing room and look at the beautiful dresses that need my TLC, I just smile.

Dee Dee Anderson

The classes include many hours of zoom time one on one with Dee Dee Anderson.  She will be your mentor and will advise and coach you on sewing techniques and setting up your own career. 

Class Level One

The Fitting

Shoulders Raise Sleeveless

Side Seams

True Story ~ Prom Dress Cut Too High

Hems: Tulle, Folded, Rolled

True Story ~ Bustle Takes Airplane Ride

Bustles (French and New York)

Class Level Two

Zipping Into Dress

True Story ~ Blazer Shoulders

Shoulders – Can’t Move Arms Rodeo Queen

Shoulder Raise With Sleeves

Neckline Hug and Pinch

Sides Out or In Through Zipper

Corset Back

True Stories ~ “Trust Your Pins”

Hems (Internal and Horsehair Braid Hem)

Class Level Three

Scoliosis Adjustments

Shorten Torso Through Zipper

True Stories ~ Cap the Sleeves

Hems: Lace, Beaded, Lengthening

True Stories ~ Peonies

Heavily Beaded Side Seam

Hiney Tuck

Business Philosophy

Students will also have lifetime access to their classes so they can review them if needed in the future. When students graduate from Level 3, the academy will have a graduate profile page on our website to market these graduates (or the shop they are affiliated with!)

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Our Latest Graduate

I am so pleased to announce that Susan Ehlen has graduated from the Anderson Alterations Academy. I am so proud to have her in my group of graduate students. She is so conscientious of doing her best work and very careful about details.
Susan came into this academy with a new alterations store opening in a short period of time. Local bridal shops heard about her shop opening up and contacted her about alterations for their bridal shops. She quickly contacted me and our journey together began. Quickly!
A few days after opening her shop, she had brides coming for alterations. And it has never slowed down since. At first, we would zoom and talk through her fittings for that week. She definitely was a learn as you earn student. Gradually her skills and confidence grew to needing less zoom time. I am always so pleased to get the opportunity to zoom with her. She is a delight.
Her sewing skills are superb and she easily learned the bridal alterations. From her very first bridal gown, the quality of her work was fantastic. She is also a great business woman with great accounting skills. I feel that this skill helps her greatly in managing her time and deciding how much work she can take on without being overwhelmed.
I foresee her continuing to be successful with her business. Check out her website
Hugs going out to Susan!


Dee Dee

The Academy’s Graduates