The Anderson Academy

Specializing In Bridal Alterations

Learn how to stand out as an elite bridal alterations expert 

in a high demand bridal industry

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The academy is extremely specific to the study of bridal gown alterationsEach level of the academy builds on the lessons learned in the previous level. 

The classes includes many hours of zoom time one on one with Dee Dee Anderson.  She will be your mentor and will advise and coach you on sewing techniques and setting up your own career. 

Why Bridal Alterations?

Choose Your Pay

You can realistically earn over a thousand dollars per month while only working part-time for yourself. How much or how little you want to work is up to you.

Choose Your Schedule

Schedule bridal fittings around what works for you. Then do the actual sewing at home according to your schedule.  Work early morning, late at night, or during the day when the kids are at school. Some like to work weekends when their spouse can tend to young children.

Work From Home

Do bridal fittings at a bridal shop or in your home. The sewing can be done at home according to your own personal schedule. Own a completely independent home business, work as an employee for a bridal shop, or contract labor for area shops. There are many options available.  You get to decide what works for you!


This Academy is NOT for beginner sewers

Anderson Alterations Academy is very advanced. All students must be comfortable and very familiar with sewing women’s dresses with princess-seamed bodices, linings, boning and both lapped and invisible zippers.

Bridal Shop Owners!

There is a real synergy between a well-trained bridal alteration seamster and the bridal shops he or she associates with.  I will be going into this relationship in my students’ career counseling. I personally enjoy taking calls from sales associates or brides who are trying on dresses in a store and want to talk about possible alterations and pricing.  It helps the bride feel confident in her dress choice if she knows a seamster can make the changes that need to be done.  It also helps the store close a sale, and I’m pretty sure that I will be getting a customer.  A Bridal shop with a healthy bottom line directly effects my bottom line.  Bridal consultants can help serve their clients with more confidence if they know what I am and am not capable of doing. And the store presents itself as professional if it has a great working relationship with its’ seamsters. 

Bridal Shops may want to consider sponsoring their seamstresses for my Alteration Academy. All graduates can have a profile page that has contact information for them and the bridal stores they are associated with.  These profile pages come with free marketing to brides in their local area.  This can also lead to more traffic to your shop.

 I have a Bridal Salesperson training video available for Bridal shops that helps their bridal consultants be more aware of what my “Master Bridal Alteration Seamsters” can do. It also covers basics like taking measurements, zipping brides into dresses, and bagging a dress properly.

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