Anderson Academy Tuition


Price Of Bridal Alterations

Note: Very Conservative Prices!

Level 1

Shoulders up $75 – $150

Side seams in/out $75 – $200

Rolled hem $90 – $200

Bustle $50 – $150

Total for 1 dress $290 to $700

In 3 to 5 dresses, you will have recouped your tuition investment in the Anderson Alteration Academy 

Level 2

Shoulder lift w/sleeves $95 to $200

Sides in/out through zipper

Or Add Corset $150 to $300

Adjust neckline $50 to $150

Horsehair braid hem $150 to $200

Total for 1 dress $445 to $850

In 2 to 4 dresses you will have recouped your tuition in the Anderson Alteration Academy 

Level 3

Short torso $175 – $300

Lace or beaded hem $250 – $600

Heavy beaded sides in $250 – $600

Hiney tuck $175 – $500

Total for 1 dress $850 to $2000

In 1 to 2 dresses you will have recouped your tuition in the Anderson Alteration Academy 

Class Level One

The Fitting

Shoulders Raise Sleeveless

Side Seams

True Story ~ Prom Dress Cut Too High

Hems: Tulle, Folded, Rolled

True Story ~ Bustle Takes Airplane Ride

Bustles (French and New York)


Normally $2995 

Class Level Two

Zipping Into Dress

True Story ~ Blazer Shoulders

Shoulders – Can’t Move Arms Rodeo Queen

Shoulder Raise With Sleeves

Neckline Hug and Pinch

Sides Out or In Through Zipper

Corset Back

True Stories ~ “Trust Your Pins”

Hems (Internal and Horsehair Braid Hem)


Normally $2995 

Class Level Three

Scoliosis Adjustments

Shorten Torso Through Zipper

True Stories ~ Cap the Sleeves

Hems: Lace, Beaded, Lengthening

True Stories ~ Peonies

Heavily Beaded Side Seam

Hiney Tuck

Business Philosophy


Normally $2995 

Earn As You Learn!

Paypal has made it easier than ever to enroll in classes by offering 6 months same as cash interest free financing to those who qualify. That way you pay for your class over time.

All you need to do is apply for PayPal credit, then select the option to pay at checkout with PayPal.

Bridal Shop Training Video 

In this training video I go through:

Taking measurements of bride

Determining sizing for dress

Zipping bride into dress

Bagging dress

Basic alterations

When I personally go into Bridal Shops to train their salespeople, I charge $500. I taped my training so it could be available to my favorite shops, and also made available to other Bridal Shops who may need a little help with training. This training, of course, is basic. There are a lot of details specific to each shop on how they want their salespeople to handle things. But this video can be helpful for some of the basics.  It comes with a homework pdf for the salespeople to do after they have finished the video.


Group Pricing


Ideal for alterations shops, bridal shops, Facebook groups or anyone looking to sign up as a group.
3-5 People – $225 Off Per Class         $875 Off All Three Classes
6-10 People $250 Off Per Class          $900 off all three classes
11-25 People $275/class            $1000/off all three classes




Colleges Sponsoring with a minimum commitment of 25 students per year- fashion design/bridal designer/textiles
Class 1 $300 off Class 2 $325 off Class 3 $375 off Buy All Three $1150 off pre-buy a minimum of 15 seats.

Group Pricing

Why Are These Courses So Expensive?

Why Are These Courses So Expensive?