Class Level One

The Fitting

Shoulders Raise Sleeveless

Side Seams

True Story ~ Prom Dress Cut Too High

Hems: Tulle, Folded, Rolled

True Story ~ Bustle Takes Airplane Ride

Bustles (French and New York)


Normally $2995 

Class Level Two

Zipping Into Dress

True Story ~ Blazer Shoulders

Shoulders – Can’t Move Arms Rodeo Queen

Shoulder Raise With Sleeves

Neckline Hug and Pinch

Sides Out or In Through Zipper

Corset Back

True Stories ~ “Trust Your Pins”

Hems (Internal and Horsehair Braid Hem)


Normally $2995 

Class Level Three

Scoliosis Adjustments

Shorten Torso Through Zipper

True Stories ~ Cap the Sleeves

Hems: Lace, Beaded, Lengthening

True Stories ~ Peonies

Heavily Beaded Side Seam

Hiney Tuck

Business Philosophy


Normally $2995 

Anderson Academy Tuition


Price Of Bridal Alterations

Note: Very Conservative Prices!

Level 1

Shoulders up $75 – $150

Side seams in/out $75 – $200

Rolled hem $90 – $200

Bustle $50 – $150

Total for 1 dress $290 to $700

In 3 to 5 dresses, you will have recouped your tuition investment in the Anderson Alteration Academy 

Level 2

Shoulder lift w/sleeves $95 to $200

Sides in/out through zipper

Or Add Corset $150 to $300

Adjust neckline $50 to $150

Horsehair braid hem $150 to $200

Total for 1 dress $445 to $850

In 2 to 4 dresses you will have recouped your tuition in the Anderson Alteration Academy 

Level 3

Short torso $175 – $300

Lace or beaded hem $250 – $600

Heavy beaded sides in $250 – $600

Hiney tuck $175 – $500

Total for 1 dress $850 to $2000

In 1 to 2 dresses you will have recouped your tuition in the Anderson Alteration Academy 

Bridal Shop Training Video 

In this training video I go through:

Taking measurements of bride

Determining sizing for dress

Zipping bride into dress

Bagging dress

Basic alterations

When I personally go into Bridal Shops to train their salespeople, I charge $500. I taped my training so it could be available to my favorite shops, and also made available to other Bridal Shops who may need a little help with training. This training, of course, is basic. There are a lot of details specific to each shop on how they want their salespeople to handle things. But this video can be helpful for some of the basics.  It comes with a homework pdf for the salespeople to do after they have finished the video.


Group Pricing


Ideal for alterations shops, bridal shops, Facebook groups or anyone looking to sign up as a group.
3-5 People – $225 Off Per Class         $875 Off All Three Classes
6-10 People $250 Off Per Class          $900 off all three classes
11-25 People $275/class            $1000/off all three classes




Colleges Sponsoring with a minimum commitment of 25 students per year- fashion design/bridal designer/textiles
Class 1 $300 off Class 2 $325 off Class 3 $375 off Buy All Three $1150 off pre-buy a minimum of 15 seats.


Why Are These Courses So Expensive?

Why Are These Courses So Expensive?