So let me tell you about some of my favorite bridal alterations tools.  They may surprise you. These are all tools that get used often. 


  1. Olfa cutter. I don’t use razors. They are not child friendly. I don’t have children in my sewing studio, but I still remember fishing a razor out of my toddlers mouth long ago. Olfa cutters are easy to hold and the blade retracts easily.

  2. My plant misting spray bottle. I use it with my ironing board and with my purple invisible ink pen. I also use it to spray staticy skirts. One other quirky use for my bottle, I spray a little puddle on my table and as I unpick and pull loose threads, I wipe the threads onto the puddle. I live in an area with very dry air and static makes the threads cling to my fingers. Kinda random, but almost every day I have a tiny puddle full of  threads.


  3. My chains from the ceiling. Hanging dresses over the table or sewing machines keeps the weight of the dress up off the table. This makes life so much easier.


  4. My Quick Memo tool on my phone.  I have a google calendar and square for my scheduling. But I put the actual dress work on this memo app that came on my phone when I bought it. I put the date the dress is due, the brides name, and then the work needed to be done. As I add more brides, I fit them into the page in chronological order. As I finish the dress, I delete it from the memo. It’s very satisfying. Then I always know what dress I should start on next.  As I schedule my bride’s fittings, I can look to see how much work I am already doing for each week. Then I don’t overcommit when that week of sewing is already full. 


What are some of your favorite tools in your sewing studio?



Dee Dee