Happy New Years to everyone.  I want to share with you a fun memory I have of a past New Year’s goal of mine. 

Many years ago, my New Year’s goal was to use up all my random bottles of perfume and figure out a “signature” perfume and when I had used up all my stuff, I would buy 1 bottle of the signature perfume and only own 1 bottle of perfume.  It was part of my minimalism mentality to simplify and it was a fun goal.  I have never felt like new year goals need to be a negative judgment kind of thing. 

Anyway, so I start dousing myself with perfume, spraying my sheets and pillows, couches, lightbulbs, laundry, my car, etc. It was fun finding new ways to use up all these random perfumes and body sprays.  Another part of this journey was to choose a “signature” scent. Every time I would go to the mall, I would try on different perfumes to see what I liked. 

One evening I was sitting on my bed with my two youngest daughters, who were teens at the time. We were all digging into a bag of Doritos watching a movie. I had tried on perfume at the mall earlier this day and felt I had come up with a winner. My sweet husband came home from work and entered the bedroom.  I held up my wrist to my hubby and told him to smell. ( I didn’t realize that I had a lovely Dorito chip in my orange fuzzy fingers.) My dear hubby took the chip and dramatically smelled it and then rubbed it behind both his ears and on his wrists! Then he dramatically smelled it again and started dancing around the room! Silly guy. Our daughters were laughing. My husband is a highly intelligent mechanical engineer and behaves and speaks very professionally when he is not at home. But when he gets home, he is a hoot!

This is such a fond memory of mine.  

Happy New Year

Dee Dee Anderson