Every Wednesday in the morning I go to a beginner Yoga class. One of my girlfriends in the class said “Hey, you should do a blog on Yoga. You love having yoga before your fittings.” I do all my fittings for bridal alterations on Wednesday and yes, yoga is the perfect place for my mind to go before I face my best, yet most challenging day of my work week. I think part of the reason I chose Wednesday as my fitting day was because that was my yoga day. In the mornings I do areobics on Monday, Wednesday is yoga, and Friday is weight lifting.( Not fun but important.) I also walk and jog carefully during the week in the mornings.
One of the main reasons I love yoga on Wednesdays is because on Tuesday I have usually been hunched over a sewing machine all day getting my work finished and organized for my fitting day. My shoulders and back love the stretches, and my arms and neck feel sooo much better after I am done with yoga. 
In the future, I am going to video an occupational therapy yoga specialist. She is wonderful and works with many professional musicians. She teaches yoga occupational thereapy at the university that is close by.  She will do a 30 minute video specifically for bridal alterations specialists.  I am starting a list of areas on our bodies that need attention. If the list gets too long, I will have her break it down into two 30 minute videos.

Here’s what I have on my list so far:

  • Basic all over body and mind stress relief
  • Carpal tunnel prevention
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Back 
  • Fingers
  • Wrists

Please contact me right away if you have any other suggestions that you think should be covered in these yoga videos. 

Relax and have a great day!

Dee Dee Anderson

P.s. It would be total a comedy if you saw me doing yoga. My legs are not flexible and I have inner ear/ vertigo balance issues. But yoga helps me so much, and besides, I am too old to worry about trying to impress people with my physical prowess. Ha!