The Anderson Academy can mentor you as you create  your own business and clients. Knowing the protocols that bridal shops look for in their seamstresses is important. The basics like measuring, bagging a dress, zipping up a dress and appropriate dress code for sales people and seamstresses is covered in the academy courses.

This is a “go at your own pace” school. It should take, on average, about 3 months to finish each level. But Dee Dee is much more concerned about the knowledge, skill, and confidence of her students in doing their work than she is concerned about speed. Getting the most out of these classes is what is important. Speed comes with practice, repetition, and experience.

Students have 1 year to finish a level of classwork. This can be extended for special circumstances if the academy is contacted.  After graduating, students have a lifetime account with the academy where they can use the website for review, networking with other graduates, and see new videos posted and further training events only available to academy students and graduates.

If you think this may be a good fit for you.  Contact Dee Dee at The Anderson Academy, and learn more about how she can help you create your dream job!