Ok people, March Madness is on its way! You should all know what I’m talking about. It’s not the basketball game madness. No. It’s way more intense than that. It’s the busy season for bridal alterations. You need to prepare now for the upcoming heavy work season. Here are some tips:


    1. Stock up on all supplies. Lining fabrics, thread, bust cups, notions, spare light bulbs for machines, needles, etc.


    2. Plan your calendar carefully. Don’t overextend yourself by taking on more work than is possible to do and still get sleep at night. This isn’t honest to your brides or to yourself. They aren’t paying you to work on their most special dress in a sleep deprived, rushed manner. 
    3. I prepare my family. When my kids were living at home I always organized who was in charge of dinner each night. They also knew that they needed to clean up after themselves and do laundry. I would encourage them to live as self-reliant as was age appropriate. This goes for your partners too. 
    4. I make up freezer meals and stock my pantry and freezer.
    5. Make your financial plan ahead of time. You will be flush with money and if you don’t have a financial plan, you can easily find it slipping through your fingers because you are not being careful.  Save some for the slow season. Save for a vacation. Make a plan.


I am giving you all a hug. We will get through this season together. Make the most of this blessing of work. It is a blessing if you are ready for its abundance.


Love you all,

Dee Dee Anderson