I have just returned from my 2 week trip to Paris. This is my first time in Paris, or really anywhere overseas. As I ponder to describe the basic demeanor of the French people, well, basically the people in Paris, city dwellers, many words come to mind. 


Kind, helpful, patient, and stoic. I never had a rude experience with anyone. 


When I first arrived, the weather was bitter cold. On the subway, the people were dressed warmly and stylishly. One young mother had her leopard fur coat over a down-filled parka. The parka  would never be stylish enough. The leopard coat was not warm enough. All around me the people were straight faced and dressed warmly. A group of tourists hopped on the sub and immediately started exclaiming how cold it was to each other. The contrast was stark. I thought about how my sister and I had also complained about the cold as we boarded the subway.

The French don’t complain about the cold. They speak softly, and sit outside the cafe drinking their hot drink oblivious to the cold.

I want to apply this to our bridal alterations. We are in the thick of the busy season. We all make choices about how much or how little work that we take on. Sometimes though, even the best scheduling gets funked up with a black hole dress or bride.

It happens to us all.

We can spend such a great amount of energy fretting about how busy we are, that we become physically depleted. Then we have no energy left to get the work done.

My ebook has a chapter on hunkering down.  It is a form of hyper focus to get our work done. It reminded me of the French, who stoically face the cold and get on with business.


Stoic might be my mantra during March, April and May.


Take care,

Dee Dee

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