We will soon be in the middle of the busy season for bridal alterations.  This is the perfect time to incorporate some yoga into your daily routine.  The wear and tear on our bodies as we work on these heavy dresses is real. Doing a yoga warm up before we start sewing, and then doing the whole routine at the end of the day can help maintain our bodies. 

I once heard this analogy. What if you only received one car to use for the rest of your life. How would you treat it? How would you maintain it? How cautious would you be when driving?  Well, guess what? You really, truly, only get one physical body for your lifetime. How we treat it and maintain it can make all the difference in our quality of life. I know that many people’s body reality contains things that they have no control over. But there are things we do have control over. Let’s treat our body like the amazing, and irreplaceable blessing that it is. 

Estelle Rhodes has developed a three part yoga routine specifically for bridal alteration specialists. It includes a warm up routine that you can do before sewing. And then she has a standing and floor routine to do after your work is done at the end of the day. 


You can find the yoga routines here, or on my homepage on the menu. It’s free, no strings attached. It’s my way of giving you all a hug and high five for all your hard work. We all know how to work hard, now let’s also make sure to take care of ourselves.


Dee Dee Anderson