Not only are the skills of a bridal alterations seamstress highly sought after, it is also a very rewarding career and comes with numerous benefits. Such as, being able to choose your own schedule, choose your own pay and work from home! The Anderson Alterations Academy was created by Dee Dee Anderson, a very reputable bridal alterations seamstress. It can teach you everything you need to know about creating your own home based alterations business.

Here are the 5 essentials you need to kick start your business!


 1.The right tools – it’s a one time investment and will outlive the vehicle you drive!

Equipment needed: a very dependable sewing machine (preferably industrial), a serger that can do a rolled hem, an ironing board, and an iron. Good scissors are a must! You will also need a clean area to sew. A one time investment into these tools will last you throughout your alterations career. Dee Dee has been using her industrial sewing machine for over 30 years! 

2. The skills to do bridal alterations – You need to learn how to do the alterations with confidence. 

Skills needed: Hemming, shoulder lifts, sides in or out, ect. Dee Dee Anderson will teach you all the skills you need to alter a bridal gown.  She will also teach you the personal skills needed to run your own business.  These include integrity, kindness and time management. Brides want someone they can trust and will come to you if they know you will do the job right and get it done on time.

Dee Dee has had brides from all over North America visit her to do their bridal alterations. If brides know that you are a highly skilled, reputable seamstress, they will come to you. Trust is so important. There are seamsters  out there that are ruining brides dresses and losing sales for bridal shops. They also give the rest of us a bad reputation. It’s important to really know the skills and be a master at them! The Anderson Academy offers 4 courses that will teach you everything you need to know about altering wedding dresses and how to be successful in your business.

3. Having A Mentor To Teach 

The Academy has many sessions of one on one facetime with Dee Dee. Career counseling and going over homework together is part of the Classes. The academy wants you to feel confident with the skills you learn. Each level in the Academy has homework assignments, face time with Dee Dee, and testing. Dee Dee Anderson has been in the bridal industry for over 30 years! She has been mentored by many amazing bridal shops, helped thousands of brides and mastered the special skills and knowledge it takes to alter a wedding dress (the right way!). She wants to pass this knowledge on to you and not only teach you the skills you need to know, but also teach you what it takes to own your business and become a trustworthy, reliable seamstress that brides will want to come to.

4. Having a game plan – includes a business and marketing plan 

Not only will Anderson Alteration Academy teach you the skills needed to be a confident master seamster, it will also teach you how to make a career out of bridal dress alterations. Each student has a different life situation, and so many career options. You can work from home with brides coming to your home, work in a Bridal shop and do all sewing at the shop, do fittings in a bridal salon then take the dresses home to work on, or work in an alteration shop.  Some seamstresses even travel to do house appointments. Most brides will come wherever you live if they know their bridal dress alterations are going to be done right. Graduates of Level 3 and 4 will be considered Elite Bridal Alterations Seamstress and they will be highly sought after in the bridal industry. Graduates will also receive a Profile page on the Academy website. They will also receive as a graduation gift from the Academy – 1 month of free online marketing in their local area to brides and bridal shops that will showcase their skills in bridal alterations!

5. Taking action!

This is a “go at your own pace” school. It should take, on average, about 3 months to finish each level. But Dee Dee is much more concerned about the knowledge, skill, and confidence of her students in doing their work than she is concerned about speed. Getting the most out of these classes is what is important. Speed comes with practice, repetition, and experience. The first step is to learn the skills and then get your name out there. Visit The Anderson Academy to learn more and let Dee Dee help you through the process.