Holy cow! That symposium was so fun.  I really had a great time filming my classes and felt like Diana Casey and Adrienne Gonzales went above and beyond with their videos. 

The live webinar was amazing.  The guest panelists were so knowledgeable. I felt like I was surrounded by wisdom and good will.  They brought so much experience to the webinar. I learned so much from them and I hope all the guests felt the same way. I have hat envy of Natalie Harris, and equipment envy of Heather Miller.  I assigned the back to black to Adrienne because she lives in Arizona, so I felt she would be able to get better heat outside for her dyeing. I’m in Utah, and felt that I wouldn’t be able to get the water hot enough in November or December. Adrienne was also so knowledgeable about the science behind dyes.

My sponsors were so, so, soooo generous.  When I would finish reading an email from them as they were offering door prizes, I would cry. I was so overwhelmed by their generosity and support for my academy.  I think the door prizes make the live symposium more fun for the guests listening in.  

I can’t thank my tech team enough for putting it all together with such beauty and grace. It was so easy on the eye and functioned smoothly. 100 thank yous tech team!

If you have any suggestions to make next year’s symposium better, contact me and give me your input.  Any ideas for a topic would be welcome also.  I don’t know how I’m going to top this one. So fun.