Here are a few more ways to avoid creating a bridezilla.


Don’t make Assumptions!

Every bride is different and has her own special vision of what she thinks beauty is. You can avoid so many mistakes and misunderstandings just by asking questions and not assuming you know what the bride wants. It’s important to always remind yourself that it’s not your dress, it’s hers.  Asking the right questions and really understanding what the bride wants her dress to fit like from the beginning will help avoid extra stress, build her confidence in you and avoid many mistakes throughout the process. Ask her what she likes best about this dress.You need to completely understand each alteration.

For example, if you are altering a size 8 dress down to a 2, don’t just assume she wants her shoulders to fit like a size 2. Maybe she liked the way the shoulders fit her on the size 8 dress. Double check with the bride if you have questions while pinning the alterations. Write things down, ask questions and don’t assume! Never dismiss the comments of the bride if she doesn’t feel that things aren’t fitting right. Never send a wedding dress out the door until the bride absolutely loves it. 

Immediately resolve any negative issues kindly!

Business owners often forget that customer satisfaction is the best form of marketing. Putting forth the extra time, effort and patience to ensure a bride is pleased with her dress is financially and emotionally cheaper than trying to market away bad reviews. It’s difficult for a business to overcome a bad reputation and it should be avoided at all costs. Good word of mouth from happy clients is vital to any business’s success. 

Part of my courses and homework is teaching these business skills.The bride already has a million different things she needs to worry about. Don’t make her time with you one of them. Knowing how to keep your bride happy will not only bring a stress free experience for everyone but will also help spread word that you are a reliable, trustworthy seamstress.

The Anderson Academy will help you build the confidence and knowledge you need to know to run a successful alterations business.  I (Dee Dee Anderson) will be there to help you learn from how to succeed in this line of work!

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