Bridal alterations is one of the highest paying jobs in the sewing industry.  Higher income than you imagined with less hours of work may be the freedom you are seeking. Your job can’t be outsourced to another state, district or country. Your equipment won’t become outdated with new technology.

Your skills won’t be outdated either.  The techniques and machinery used in altering clothing hasn’t changed much from 50 years ago. I am using the same sewing machines that I bought 35 years ago. This is a career you can hold onto for the long haul. Once the skills are learned, you have the skills needed for your future. Very little has changed in garment construction. 

It’s also a dying art. Seamsters are retiring and there are few trained to replace them.  You will be in a very high demand career. No need to worry about competition for your job. There is plenty of work for all of us.  

It’s all about freedom and choosing a career that fits with your life realities now and career choices that can change as your life evolves. With a career in bridal alterations, it’s all about flexibility and you being in charge of your time and career choices. 

Explore The Anderson Alterations Academy and see if a career in the bridal alterations industry is right for you. You can contact Dee Dee Anderson to discuss your questions.  No pressure.