“The easiest way to discern a person’s priorities is to see how they spend their time. “

This statement is a punch in the gut to many of us. I feel that ache too. So today’s Mindset Monday is definitely do as I say and not as I do. I have much to improve on in this area.

Work needs to be done. Keeping a roof over the head of those I love is a priority. Buying groceries for those I love is also important. But finding TIME to spend with those we love is also a huge priority. Finding that life balance is hard and looks different with different phases of our lives. 

Let me list some of my own priorities: My husband, my children and grandchildren, being financially stable, my Academy, taking care of my body, staying connected with my friends, my relationship with God, and working in my yard. How on earth do I find time for all these things? 

I have a few ideas for finding the time for our greatest priorities.

  1. Be kind to yourself. Most importantly, realize that life is messy and not perfect. Our time is used in different ways during different phases of our lives. When you have a new baby, sleep becomes one of your major priorities. 

  2. Morning and evening routines. Routines are a way we can sneak in our priorities without having to make that priority decision over and over.  For instance, my morning routine includes prayer, exercise and making my husband a healthy breakfast. I try to connect with my husband in the evening with a foot rub and chatting. I calendar once a month Sunday dinners with the whole family. Bookkeeping happens every Monday, etc. By making these things a calendared routine, they happen. If they happened “when I got around to it” or felt I had enough time, they would rarely happen.

  3. Simplify and learn to say no.  This can be applied to our work and also our non-work life. With work, ask yourself, What projects make me the most money? Which projects do I enjoy most? Simplify and specialize in the work that is most worthy of your time and talents.  In our outside of work life, simplify and remember the priority. Sometimes family parties can become so elaborate, that we spend very little time showing our love to each family member and too much time orchestrating the event. Saying no can be hard, but remember that by saying yes to one thing, you are basically saying no to something else. Time is finite.

So there you have it. Kindness, routines and simplifying are a few ideas to implement. I am going to try to do better at setting priorities. I know that just the process of writing this has given my heart some well needed adjustments. 

Have a great Monday

Dee Dee