I want to tell you a bit about my husband, Doug.  He was raised in a family of hard workers.  Not just hard workers, they love hard work.  They find so much joy and fun doing really messy, dusty hard work. His brother owns a ranch and when the herd is brought down out of the mountains in the fall it’s a party. Family comes from all over to help with tending the herd. As I look at each of his siblings and his parents, I see a hard working person.  And they are happiest when they are working together on a project.

I have also noticed over the years that someone who works hard, plays hard too. I also learned this from Doug’s family. They laugh so loud as they play Spoons, Rook or Pit. I love being part of this fun family. I think they take for granted that all families are like this and don’t recognize how unique they are.

Being married to a man who works hard has its pros and cons.  But the pros far outweigh the cons.  

  1. Job stability.  There is a lot of peace being married to someone who is a worker. Doug says “ No matter the economy, there will always be a high demand for hard workers.”

  2. Hard worker, hard player. It’s fun when he is home. There’s much laughter and smiles around the house.

  3. He has set such a good example for me and our kids.  And he makes it so fun to work together.

The sad reality of him being a hard worker was a lot of time gone from home. So true. Sigh… 

Stay tuned for part 2.

Dee Dee Anderson