Bridal Shops are feeling the shortage of bridal alterations specialists. 2022 is forecast to be the biggest year in weddings since the 1980s. The time is now to get your shop prepared for the influx of brides. Will you be ready to service their alterations?

 A big part of selling a bridal gown is knowing that it can be fit to the bride.  Reassuring a bride that potential alterations will be done beautifully is vital to sales.

Bridal Alterations is a dying art. The wonderful, experienced pros are aging out of this career.  We need to train new ones. It takes lots of time to train a new in-house alterations specialist and this takes away from your time and also the time your other seamsters have to do their own alterations. Wouldn’t it be nice to outsource that training?

The Anderson Alterations Academy may be the solution to your problems.  The Academy specializes in Bridal Alterations exclusively. Students are trained specifically for bridal and formal wear.

This training includes online videos, one-on-one zoom time, coaching, mentoring, homework, and testing. An important part of the training is teaching the students how to treat the brides with a professional and pleasant attitude. They learn how to be calm, confident, kind and how to not let brides or MOBs get them frustrated. Mentoring is an important part of the training for this very reason. The students can email or text for help anytime they have questions or frustrations on their homework or a dress that is in your shop needing alterations.  

As you know, there are infinite body shapes, and infinite dress designs.  There is no way to cover on video all fitting situations.  The one-on-one zoom time is perfect for figuring out the best solutions for these dresses. 

  • My bride just changed shoes and the hem is 1” too short. Help!
  • One of the bridesmaids is pregnant. How do I make her dress fit?
  • The bride loves this dress, but its way too small/big. Can it be adjusted?
  • The wedding gown has long sleeves. Bride can’t move her arms. Help!
  • How do I add a corset to this dress?

As a bridal shop owner, you can also schedule a zoom with me and both your stylists and seamsters to go over your inventory so they know what alterations can and can’t be done to each style of dress. This synergy between the stylists and alterations department is rare yet wonderful and builds confidence for the stylists and also for the bride in her decision to buy a dress from your store.

Check out the academy at 

You can also schedule a one-on-one zoom meeting and visit with Dee Dee Anderson and discuss ways the academy can help your store.