First was the Julien Fournie’ fashion show. It was held in the gorgeous Mogador Theater. Our seats were in the front row next to the stairs that the models stepped down to go up the aisles. I was expecting seats way back, certainly not front row.

The show was beautiful and fun. It began with smoke on the stage and sultry models in “vampy” attire. The models would strut across the stage and then proceed down the stairs and up the aisles of the theater. My seat was next to the stairs. I could have touched their legs. Many of the YouTubes I have seen of the show feature the back of my head as the model steps down the stairs.

After the show Julien Fournie’ was in the lobby. It was packed with fans. We could get selfies with him. As I waited in the crowd, I chatted with one of his models. She was 7 months pregnant and had worn my favorite dress. She posed and let me take pics of her. She too was waiting for a chance to congratulate Mr. Fournie’ and get her picture taken with him. Eventually, we moved close to the front of the crowd. My sister had her picture taken first. Then Mr. Fournie” asked me if he could take a selfie with a sweet girl aged about 10 years old who had been waiting a long time. This “princess” wore a ballgown, fur wrap and a tiara. I, of course, graciously stepped back and watched as she and her parents had their pictures taken with him.

As he was taking my phone to do the selfie, he pointed out that back in the crowd he could see his head seamstress! I told him that I was a seamstress and that I altered wedding gowns. I asked if she could be in our selfies with him. He motioned her over and we took selfies together. No one else wanted selfies with her, just me. She followed me out of the crowd and we talked about the beautiful dresses for about 10 minutes. She said that when she was in her early 20’s, she made many mistakes as she trained for couture work positions in the Paris fashion houses. She has worked with Julien for over 20 years.

Meeting the head seamstress for Julien Fournie’ was such an honor. No one else in the lobby could care less about her. The excitement was all about the designer, Julien, of course. Mr. Fournie’ never mentioned or pointed her out until it was my turn for a selfie. He had no idea that I was a seamstress until after he mentioned his head seamstress. I was the only one who asked to have my picture taken with her and Julien. I know that it was not a coincidence that he noticed her at that exact moment. It was a gift, specially delivered just for me. That was a night I will never forget.



Dee Dee


Julien Fornie: