This dress has an amazing lace.  The only issue is the lace edged hem.  



This lace edged hem has an extreme high-low difference.  We are talking about a 4” high low.  That means from the bottom of the lace to the top of the scallop there is a 4” difference. 

And this one has a huge gap in the middle of the high lows.  Beautiful for the rest of the hem, but front and center where it should just be touching the ground, it looks awkward to say the least. 

The solution I came up with was to drop the middle gap down.  I would have liked to drop it clear down the full 4”, but the dress only needed to be hemmed 1 ½”.  So, I was only able to drop it 1 ½” lower.  This was not ideal, but it did help considerably. 

The gap piece was trimmed out and dropped down 1 ½”. 


 Then it was reattached to the hem edge.  


a laced edged hem

The hem was then removed and raised up the 1 ½” needed for the bride.

The hem still has quite a high low to it, but the center front does not show her shoes. 

 It does look considerably more graceful. I prefer to hem high lows with the high just touching the ground, and the low edge slightly resting on the ground.  If I hem it to the low edge just touching the ground, the shoes show.  I personally do not like that look. 

 I do ask the bride what her preference is on the hem. Her opinion is most important. This bride agreed with me on this hem and was incredibly happy.  The skirt is so full that its hard to see the hem clearly when she is wearing the gown. It looks a bit long because the side front does not have the dropped edge. Only the front 5 pieces were dropped. They all seem to be squashed up in the fullness of this skirt.  

Another happy bride out the door!