Well, the January symposium has come and gone. You can still find it on my website under symposiums or use this link: https://theandersonacademy.com/symposium-23/

I had such a great time doing this year’s symposium. I especially enjoyed getting to know the expert guest panelists.  I am simply in awe. Their knowledge and creativity have come together to create amazing design tools. I really treasure their friendships.  I should also say that none of them ever treated me in a patronizing way. I don’t comprehend much of what they are doing for a living, but they never talked down to me. I always felt kindness, patience, and respect from them. 

Oh, and my little brother as a guest panelist was such a treat too! He helped me practice and make sure my zoom worked, (I still managed to mess up the morning zoom a bit at the first) and did such a great job with his videos. Those Hawaiian shirts are a hobby for him. His computer skills are off the charts. And yet he is the most humble guy I know. I really loved their vision of the future for sewing and fashion. The ideas for making fashion more ecologically friendly were quite inspiring.

And a big big thank you to my sponsors. Wawak, Lace and Company, The Sewing Lady, and Bridal Industry Wholesale. The door prizes really make the live zooms fun. $800 in merchandise given away this year! They are so generous. These sponsors have been with me since my very first symposium.  I really appreciate them so much. I can’t explain how good it feels when I contact them each year, and they are cheerfully on board, right from the start. 

A HUGE thank you to Michelle Einzinger for all her help on the website and landing page. I could not have done it without her. She is a gift.  

I am looking forward to next year’s symposium. If you have any questions or suggestions for next year’s symposium, let me know. A big thank you going out to all you who attended. I really appreciate all the support you gave me.

Dee Dee Anderson