I recently read an article in the University of Fashion newsletter that I received. It is written by Antonia Sardone.


It’s titled Haute Couture Renaissance: Spring 2024 Collections


Of particular interest to me was a paragraph that really summed up my feelings about haute couture fashion. From the perspective of a seamstress, these careful and beautiful techniques sing to my heart.  Here is the paragraph.  


“One might argue that haute couture is an anachronism in our fast-paced, digitally driven world, but it is precisely this anachronism that makes it so significant. In an era dominated by immediacy, haute couture is a reminder that true artistry takes time. The months spent handcrafting a single gown, the attention to every minute detail, and the emphasis on quality over quantity are a stark departure from the disposable nature of contemporary fashion. Haute couture embodies a philosophy of mindful consumption and an appreciation for the art of slow fashion.”


As a bridal alterations specialist, I deal with tight deadlines.  Slow fashion is not part of my vocabulary.  But after seeing the inside of Tony Ward’s dresses from the 2024 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show, I felt a yearning to slow down just a bit. I have decided I will be charging more for my services so that I can make sure that each is done carefully and meticulously.  My clients will not be paying for couture work, nor will I be doing couture work, but I am going to calendar less, and put more time into each dress, and consequently charge more for each dress.  


I’m getting old, there’s no way I can endure the busy season the way I used to. I’m pretty fast and spend very little time head scratching. So truly, I can get quite a bit done compared to my younger days. I just want to enjoy the process more with less stress.


I strongly encourage you to read this article in its entirety. Let me know what you think.


Read the article here


Dee Dee