Work at home for a Bridal Shop

This can be done either exclusively for one store or taking outside work from several shops and private clients also. I recommend not signing an exclusivity agreement with a bridal shop. I love the shops I work with, don’t get me wrong, but as long as I get their work done, it’s really none of their business what other work I take on. 

This was my work situation for many years. I would set a day of the week that I came into the shop for fittings, booked my own fittings and took the money.  I then paid up to 10% fee to store. I would take the dresses home and work on them in my sewing studio. I liked this situation because I could be flexible about when I worked on the sewing. 

I had great relationships with the owners and sales people. The salespeople were better able to educate the brides on what  alterations I could and could not do. They saw me on a regular basis so I could answer questions easily,  and they felt comfortable calling me at home if they had questions.  

It was a good fit for much of my career. It may be a good fit for you also.