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Random Scattered beading is appropriate for a garment that has no lace or pattern and the client wants a basically scattered beading look added to the clothing.  The basic principle is to do the beading in a zigzag line or curve to accomplish the random and scattered pattern.  The pattern can turn into ombre by making smaller zigzag patterns close to one edge and creating larger patterns as you go farther from that edge. This creates a pattern that is densely beaded at one edge and gradually becomes less beaded as the pattern moves farther from the dense edge. 


The zigzag pattern is great for stretch fabrics, but is also important for non stretch too. If beadwork is stitched in straight rows, it easily begins to shrink and pucker. The zigzag pattern prevents this.  Like all beadwork, you also need to bead slightly loose to keep the beadwork flat. 


Another great thing about zigzag beading is the randomness of the beads. I recommend using at least 3 different types of beads. If the color needs to be the same, use 3 or 5 different shapes such as a crystal, sequin and bead. If you are using different colors, you will love how random and evenly distributed the colored beads are. The videos are fairly self explanatory.


Use thread to bead that matches the color of the garment you are beading on.


I hope you enjoy this course. This class can really save you time and frustration when you need to do this sort of beadwork.