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The psychology of brides Part 3

This next type of bride makes my heart sad. The bride has many insecurities, and is very aware that the attention will be on her for the whole day. This is terrifying to her and she begins to hyper focus on any body parts that she feels insecure about. 

“The Body Insecure Bride”

Somehow, as a BAS, I am supposed to fix the dress in a way that will help her not feel insecure. There are a few things I can do, such as make a flattering sleeve for a bride who thinks she has heavy arms, or adding shape wear to smooth out lumps and bumps. 

But there’s a limit to my magic. And these brides are so beautiful. I wish I could convince them that people are coming to the wedding to celebrate their love and happiness, not to judge them. 

This is not a pageant competition, it is a room full of people that love you and are supporting you as you marry your partner who also loves you so much. I say this to brides a lot, but I can feel that deep down, they are still being really hard on themselves. It breaks my heart. Somethings just can’t be fixed. Sigh…

This is the third part in a series about brides. This is taken from my book, “The most important dress a woman will ever wear”

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